Monday, May 23, 2011

Core Values and Organizational Change (Theory and Practice)


Adapting market environment is becoming more and more important for business survival in this turbulent climate.  Unfortunately, organizations very often face a lot of challenges when adjustingtheir operations in order to cope with the competitive environment.  Most of these challenges are emotional, rather than technical issues.  In reality, new strategic or operation plans can be very logical and business sound on paper, human factors can still tear these plans apart. Therefore, change processes are very complex and dynamic activities with unpredictable outcomes.

A book titled Core Values and Organizational Change Theory and Practice provides very compelling arguments and systemic methods to tackle the human issues during change processes. The book starts from highly academic arguments about the philosophies of business management: modernism, status quo thinking and postmodernism.  These three philosophies have a fundamental impact on how a management may approach the change processes as shown below: